Arbitration Services

Arbitration and Mediation Services Toronto

An Arbitrator's job is to resolve disputes - either through mediation, or arbitration. First, an effective Arbitrator must be able to create and explore options for settlement to attempt to achieve a productive resolution of the dispute. Where settlement is not possible, an Arbitrator must be able to run a fair, efficient and productive hearing, and then render a well reasoned and just award.

Peter Chauvin has those essential characteristics of a fair and effective Arbitrator. As a Vice-Chair of both the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the Crown Employees Grievance Settlement Board, and as a private Arbitrator and Mediator since 2004, Peter has arbitrated and/or mediated hundreds of cases, has proven arbitration and mediation skills, and is able to resolve difficult employment disputes.

Peter is on the Minister of Labour's list of Approved Arbitrators. Peter was selected as a Mediator/Arbitrator of essential services agreements for the Province of Ontario and OPSEU Collective Agreement. Peter has also been selected as a roster Arbitrator for private Collective Agreements. Finally, Peter has been appointed as a Workload Resolution Arbitrator under the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act to resolve disputes between College Professors and the Colleges of Ontario.

Peter has an extensive knowledge of labour relations, employment law, human rights, wrongful dismissal, employment standards, occupational health and safety, workers compensation, and pay equity law. Peter conducts arbitrations regarding the private, public, health, municipal, industrial and construction sectors.

For Peter Chauvin's arbitration Fee Schedule, please contact his assistant, Terry-Lee Paquin, at or at 416-925-9933.